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This transformational story describes the life lessons of a healing practitioner who survived childhood sexual molestation, confusion over her mixed racial identity, strict religious upbringing and a near-death experience. These experiences led her to discover herself and live her Soul's purpose. The spiritual principles and practices she shares interwoven with her personal story and anecdotes from her clients teach how one can;
• Know who they are.
• Connect with their Spirit.
• Listen and trust their Intuition.
• Discover their Soul's purpose.

The spiritual teachings presented are practical and easy to apply. Sharon teaches how to use life challenges to grow, heal, and learn to live life with love, integrity and fulfillment.

Foreword by Alan Cohen (edited version)

When someone comes along who can assist us to find the answers to our personal quest, it is a great blessing indeed. What a gift to meet someone who can guide us to the fulfillment of our own dreams! Such a one deserves our immediate and focused attention. Sharon Gardner is such a guide. Sharon is a powerful teacher because she is for real. She has experienced both earthly hardships and heady joy; she has worked her way through physical and emotional pain and made sense of them as stepping stones on her journey. She has learned to love herself and carve out a relationship and career in harmony with her heart's desires. She has learned to walk her own path with integrity. She is dedicated to truth and spiritual service.

Now Sharon has recorded her story and her wisdom. This book is a gift. Unfolding Journey contains all the elements of the spiritual path that you are likely to encounter, artfully illuminated by one who has learned to tread that path with dignity and love. Sharon pulls no punches in describing the difficulties she has encountered, nor does she compromise in declaring the spiritual truths she has discovered. This book is both lofty and grounded, a perfect syllabus for integrated learning.

What I like most about Unfolding Journey is that it is practical. This teaching is for people who want to make spiritual sense out of their earthly journey. It is about health, relationships, love, money, family and all of the things you so ardently want to make work for you. If you study these principles and put them into action, I promise your life will change in the most wonderful way.

I went to Sharon as a counselor and healer and have also invited Sharon to teach seminars with me. Our participants have issued glowing reports of the remarkable transformations they have experienced through their work together.

My deepest thanks to Sharon for recording her wisdom, and to you for discovering your own.

Alan Cohen

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